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Ether Connect

Height 370mm - Width 200mm - Depth 200mm - Kg 3.3kg

Ether Connect (side view)

I Am (not perfect)

Height 370mm - Width 200mm - Depth 105mm - Kg 5kg

I Am (not perfect)

Taking a break

Height 600mm - Width 250mm - Depth 150mm -  ± Weight  4.7kg
Taking a break detail

Trinity (side view)

Trinity (front view)

Height 470mm - Width 200mm - Depth  170mm -  ±Weight 2.6 kg

As within, so without

Height 650mm  -  Width 200mm - Depth  80mm  - Weight  7.2 kg


Height 520mm - Width 180mm - Depth 180mm - Weight 2.3kg

Questing wisdom

Height 370mm  -  Width 165mm  -   Depth  165mm  - Weight 6kg

Scarred... but still moving into the Light

Height 440mm -  Width 150mm -   Depth  120mm - Weight 4.5kg

Scarred... but still getting there

Height 370mm  -  Width 210mm  -   Depth  270mm  - Weight 5kg

Another day before you came

Height 150mm  -  Width 210mm  -   Depth  80mm  -  ± Weight 1.8kg
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