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The Process
Secure packaging is essential to get art works to a client in good order.
Ceramic sculpture needs special care, but the following process works very well. It takes some trail and error to find the right quantities for every sculpture and box but pretty soon you estimate the correct amounts needed.
You will need the following:
Bubble wrap and tape.
Sturdy carton box.
Aerothane self expanding foam.
2 Measuring cups.
Mixing cup.
Wooden stick.
Sturdy (really sturdy) plastic bags quite a bit bigger than the inside of your box.
(You can rather fold over more or less)
Boxing tape.

Wrap the sculpture in several layers of bubble wrap and take special care around fine protrusions, heads, necks, arms ect.
Get a sturdy carton box ready that allows for about 50mm extra space all around the sculpture.

Next you need Aerothane self expanding foam.
It comes in two parts that has to be mixed together in equal amounts.

1. Measure out the exact same amount of the resin and the iso.
Paper cups work great.

2. Pour them together into a bigger container and stir vigorously for about 40 seconds with a wooden stick.

3. Pour this mixture into the bottom of the sturdy plastic bag.
(It looks to little, but you will be surprised!)
4. Fold the bag over and stick the open end onto the rest of the bag with boxing tape.
The mixture will start to expand.

5. Working quite quickly, lay the bag flat on a surface and work the mixture more evenly throughout the bag.
Place the bag in the bottom of your carton box and wait for the mixture to expand some more. (The mixture gets quite hot while this is in progress) Gently place your sculpture on the foam and wait for it to settle under and around the sculpture.

Wait until this layer has firmed up and hardened. About 30 minutes.
Repeat steps 1 through to 5 to make the top layer of your mould.
Place the second bag with the foam on top of the sculpture and gently tuck it into the corners and around the sculpture.

Watch the foam expand and close the box when it gets close to the top.
At this point I strap the box with something sturdy and straight around the outside of
the box, as the foam will tend to bulge the box outwards.
After the top layer has cured, about 30 minutes, open the box to see if there are any areas that can still be filled with more bubble wrap or other loose packaging material to make sure there is absolutely no movement of the sculpture enclosed in the mould, in the box.

Do not spare the boxing tape strapping and securing the box on the outside!

Print and stick big labels on the package with the words:


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